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The ProAssurance Risk Management department is here to help you promote patient safety, minimize risk, and improve defensibility of claims by providing comprehensive assessment and training resources that are relevant and easy to share.

Your physicians, administrators, and healthcare staff have access to a team of risk consultants with a wide range of backgrounds, including prior experience as healthcare administrators, attorneys, nurses, and quality professionals.

Risk Consultants assist insureds with their liability concerns and questions using specialized knowledge of healthcare risk management issues and the Company’s experience defending claims.

Contact Us

If you have a question you would like to discuss with a Risk Management consultant, email or call 844-223-9648.

Risk Management Guidelines

View our Risk Management Guidelines for physicians.

ProAssurance Risk Management Team

  • Leadership & CME
  • Southeast
  • Northeast
  • Midwest
  • Southwest
  • West
  • Data Team
  • Administrative Support
Mallory Earley
Mallory Earley Director, Risk Management
Shirley Armenta ‪CME Administrator
Brad Byrne Manager Regional Risk Management
Joanne Simmons
Joanne Simmons ‪Senior Risk Management Consultant
Kelly Reidl
Kelly Reidl ‪Senior Risk Management Consultant
Wendy Alderman ‪Senior Risk Management Consultant
Michelle Crum
Michele Crum ‪Manager Regional Risk Management
Gerryann Whalen
Gerryann Whalen Senior Risk Management Consultant
Andrea Elliott
Andrea Elliott ‪Senior Risk Management Consultant
Barbara Hunyady
Barbara Hunyady Midwest Regional Manager
Brenda Tuck ‪Senior Risk Management Consultant
Laurette Cote ‪Senior Risk Management Consultant
Mary-Lynn Ryan ‪Senior Risk Management Consultant
Barb Linder
Barb Linder ‪Senior Risk Management Consultant
Jennifer Freeden
Jennifer Freeden ‪Manager Regional Risk Management
Tracy Valentine
Tracy Valentine ‪Senior Risk Management Consultant
Katie Theodorakis
Katie Theodorakis ‪Manager Regional Risk Management
Stacy Stauffer
Stacy Stauffer ‪Senior Risk Management Consultant
Ann Marie Lyddy
Ann Marie Lyddy ‪Senior Risk Management Consultant
Aaron Hamming
Aaron Hamming ‪Manager Risk Management Data Analytics and Technology
Jenice Deming
Jenice Deming ‪Senior Risk Management Consultant
Kethra Keeling
Kethra Keeling ‪Risk Management Data Analyst I
Kiersten Terhune
Kiersten Terhune ‪Risk Management Data Analyst I
Diane Young
Diane Young ‪Senior Administrative Assistant
Dawn Grubbs
Dawn Grubbs ‪Supervisor Administrative