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Human Trafficking and the Healthcare Professional

Presented by Jeffrey Barrows, DO, MA

A 2014 Loyola University Chicago School of Law study found that 88 percent of sex trafficking survivors reported healthcare system contact while they were being trafficked. This one-hour program focuses on the intersection of healthcare and human trafficking. Dr. Jeffrey Barrows presents the frequency with which those trafficked encounter healthcare professionals and indicators of human trafficking within the healthcare setting. He defines human trafficking, its scope, subtypes, and predisposing factors. The presentation concludes with a discussion of how a healthcare organization can prepare to respond when those who are being trafficked enter their facility.

This information is also available in a CME format. Access the CME version.

Protocol ToolKit

To download the “Protocol Toolkit for Developing a Response to Victims of Human Trafficking in Health Care Settings”, visit the Heal Trafficking website and complete the toolkit download form.

Permission to use this toolkit was granted by Heal Trafficking®.